Tears and Prayers

People who know me know that I am as Pro Life they come. The murder of unborn babies bothers me far more than the dead bodies I’ve pulled from cars after being killed by drunk drivers.  And after twenty-eight years as a firefighter that is quite a few bodies.

After the video revelations of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby organs my feelings got stronger. What makes it worse is the ugliness coming from the left who see abortion and selling baby organs as normal. Because, you know, even aborted full term babies aren’t humans. Unborn babies are just a mass of tissue. Sadly, there are Christians who are also pro abortion. I pray for them.

Then there are the Pro Life Christians who voted twice for Obama, the most pro abortion president in American history. A vote for Obama is a vote for abortion. How can Christians support abortion or Obama? I call it willful blindness. Or willingly being led astray by Satan. Same difference really.

There are utterly insane liberal leftists who still claim that Planned Parenthood is a woman’s health clinic. And there are those who still claim that Planned Parenthood does not do abortions. Right.

In reality, Planned Parenthood itself has decreased cancer screenings and other preventive care since 2004, all the while increasing the number of abortions its affiliates perform annually by about 70,000.

Maybe people need to read this.
The Truth About Defunding Planned Parenthood and Women’s Access to Health Care

But those who need to read the truth don’t want the truth. The truth is unbearable because these people would have to have heart and a conscience. Forbid that to happen. I pray for them. 

Meanwhile I shed tears for the murdered unborn. And pray for the unborn not yet murdered.