Bad deals all around

Between a horrible Iran deal and the outing of Planned Parenthood’s selling aborted murdered unborn baby parts, it seems the American people are just getting raw and bad deals from the U.S. government. Of course the deals are really bad if you are an aborted child or Israel.

If John Kerry really thinks Iran is going follow anything in this deal, then he doesn’t live on planet Earth. Ever since Jimmy Carter flubbed relations with Iran they have been our enemy. Previous to Carter they were an ally. Now they are the world’s biggest sponsor of terrorism. And yet liberals and Kerry think they can control Iran. Wow.

You know Iran can’t be controlled. And they won’t be. Right on cue, Iran goes out and places an order for 100 Soviet air refueling craft. Yep. One-hundred.

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Great deal my butt. As the deal was being made Iranians were chanting death to America and Israel while  burning the flags of both countries. The Ayatollah stated that America would be defeated in a war against Iran. 

Here are four good reasons why the deal with Iran is bad for everybody. 

4 Reasons Iran Deal Would Take Us Closer to Nuclear War

Good deal? Good grief no. 


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