Guns Don’t Save Lives?

The liberal gun and 2nd Amendment haters love to say that owning guns doesn’t save lives, that it is far more dangerous to protect yourself with a gun than it is to just simply call the police. But wait, aren’t these the same liberals that tell us all police are killers and racists and we should stay away from them because they are all just itching to kill somebody? Yep. Guns save the lives of law abiding citizens everyday. The anti-gun media is complicit in perpetuating the lie that law abiding citizens with guns never save lives. Thus, they never show us the many incidents of armed, law abiding citizens saving lives every day. These incidents far out number the incidents of criminals using guns. The media doesn’t want you to know this.

Follow the link below for just a small sampling of what happens every day in the US.

Bearing Arms: Guns Saving Lives

Busting the lies.
Another Gun Control Claim Bites the Dust


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